Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Singin' and Dancin' and Breathin' and Glistenin'

Last night's rehearsal was fantastic.

So much exercise! Uggh. Who needs it?? (Me. I need it.)

In the 2nd Act of Reefer Madness, I get to belt my brains out in three songs in a row. Three. In a row. (Well, I get about a 45 second break just before the last number, but still...)

I am giddy. I LOVE SINGING!!

While working on the final number, the director/choreographer began by making it clear that I WOULD be dancing, and then proceeded to teach this horrifying step where I am supposed to hop and fullap and hop and brush and turn around and shake my booty, and smile, and be graceful, and sing, and not die.

All in 8 counts.

That's 8 counts of hopping and fullaping!

I loathe that combination.

But, then he taught this dreamy step where I get to skip like a leprachaun with joy!

And by golly, I got it! I feel like the Lady of the Dance!

My next step in preparation for next week's opening is to ensure I have the proper lingerie for this performance. If I'm going to bounce around the stage like a graceful bunny, I need underwears that will properly hold my undertheres.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to spend 4 hours a night frollicking like a happy little lamb with people I adore.

If you are making plans to come and see me stomp and glide around the stage--here's the information:
Produced by Darkhorse Company Theatre, Reefer Madness plays April 19-28th at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah. For tickets to the show, visit this page.  The show plays Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm. 

(I am inviting ALL my friends to come and see the show. However, it is a musical set in the 30s that tells the tale of the untimely demise of a young woman and her love because they succumbed to temptation and used REEFER! It is over the top and irreverent. If you prefer reverent things, consider yourself warned. I will still love you whether you come to see the show or not. But if you like funny things, and you've thought, I would love to see Eve singing and dancing around the stage, you should make plans to come and see the show.)


Gamyr Worf said...

You're descriptions of this are hilarious! Love you, Eve!

Eve said...

I love you! Thank you so much for casting me!