Thursday, April 4, 2013

Construction Zone

This is me this afternoon.

Right now, I have no desire to wear make up. It just feels heavy on me. And right now, I just feel heavy.  Everything weighs on me. Including make up.

Out my window, this is happening.

They're redoing the pond. 

I decided to step out further and see what else was going on. 

The little duckies are on their way! 

But we must prepare for the duckies. These workers are preparing the way for the tiny fuzzy little things to return to the pond. 

It's messy now, but it's coming together. 

This is how creating a show feels. Right now, we're in this moment where the potential is there, but things feel cloudy and messy. Anyone who has ever been in a show knows this place. The lines are memorized...but they leave my brain when I need them most. 

So today, I'm singing my songs and saying my lines over and over and over...while I watch the workers construct a pond. 

They construct a pond, I construct a character. 

Today I'm grateful for those messy in between moments. 

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