Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh

Do you recognize this painting?

If you watched this episode, you might.

(It's just a tribute--for the real thing go to Netflix and watch Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor.)

I was at my grandma's on Saturday and she gave me three paintings.

The church with the monster in the window.

This one:

(I took the picture in the lamplight last night.)

And this one:

The paintings are on canvas. They are beautiful replicas of the originals. (My grandma is a poor widow--so no original Van Goghs here) She found the copies and framed them herself over 50 years ago and has had them with her in every home.

I keep crying as I look at this beautiful gift.

Of all the things she could have given me...

My heart just keeps overflowing.

I wish I could adequately express my overwhelming gratitude. Of all the paintings in the world to give me--Amy's sunflowers, the fields, and the church with the monster! I got chills when I realized which paintings they were!

This week has been filled with miracles and blessings too numerous to name. I feel carried right now. Wrapped in a cocoon.

Today I am grateful for my grandmother, for art, and for Vincent Van Gogh.

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