Monday, August 11, 2008

Best job ever

Lots to catch up on.

My first week of school, for this quarter, was wonderful. I am a little overwhelmed by my luck. I get to do a job I love, and make good money doing it! I feel very blessed.

I'm teaching 6 classes this quarter--2 College Comp, 2 World Lit, 2 Ethics.

I teach 2 online courses, and have Fridays off. I know! It's a fantastic schedule!!

I've taught most of these classes before, so I have my lectures and quizzes already prepared--but I'm ecstatic about coming up with lectures and tests for my World Lit classes. Tomorrow night we're talking about politics and propaganda in literature. And next week, we're going to discuss Sor Juana and Octavio Paz! I think I've died and gone to literary heaven! I had such a blast finding the stories and topics for this class. We're going to study Shakespeare and Sanskrit drama! And I could go on forever about this class.

Tonight though, tonight I'm teaching the Ethics in Religion lecture. (sigh . . . )

I never realized that I could find a job that incorporated all of my interests so beautifully.

For those of you in the state of Utah, I bought a plane ticket! I'll be home from Dec 12th to Jan 4th. So let's play!!

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