Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics of Eve

Four years ago, I lived in Iowa City. Iowa is a hotbed for primary political rallies. I went to a rally held at the University of Iowa campus. I went with Randy, a lifelong mormon democrat, Mike, a conservative, and Dan, a moderate. We were excited to be a part of the political process. We wanted to find someone we could cheer for. Someone who would outline a clear path that we could fight for and believe in. Instead, each politician clearly marked why we should not vote for Bush. But they never told us why we should vote for them. Well, friends, voting is an active process. You can't cast your ballot AGAINST someone. You can only vote FOR someone.

And so despite GW's failings, he won. Because at least people knew what they were voting for.

Four years later, the biggest difference in the Democratic Party, is that they're finally beginning to define themselves clearly. Yes, they continued to attack the republican party--but they also outlined a clear economic alternative to the joke that is "trickle down" economics. Obama outlined ambitious environmental goals--and made them seem possible and worth working towards. I felt myself smiling the whole time. I was happy to hear all the things that we can accomplish! It was a positive conference. I didn't feel like I was voting against something, I felt like I was voting FOR for something. Well, I will be anyway.

So here's where I stand politically:

I believe that government is there to enrich and enable. The less I see them, the better things go.

I believe that taxes should be paid in order to create a sense of peace and security. I pay taxes to know that evil will be regulated and that justice will be served.

I believe that certain issues should be regulated within the home and within the churches. I am pro-life in practice. I believe absolutely in the sanctity of life. If I vote for a candidate who is pro-choice, what am I risking? Is he going to make abortion legal? Oh wait! It already is! George Bush is pro-life--he didn't exactly pass legislation making abortion illegal. This is not an issue that I'm willing to change political parties over. Instead, I will personally and privately share my views with charity and allow people to continue making their own choices. It's still about choice. It's not like people are being forced to have abortions!

So, that's me. I believe in the issues that the Democratic Party is fighting for. I believe that the other issues (gay marriage, abortion) are constitutionally private issues. Marriage is a church issue. Abortion is a private/church issue.

I believe in the voucher system for education. Again, it's about privacy and choice. If a child wants to stay home or go to a private school--they should have that choice.

Can you see a theme here? I believe in liberty to choose. I believe in a government that upholds those liberties and trusts the people to govern themselves. I also believe that some issues need government regulation--like the environment and the economy.

I guess I'm an odd combination of Libertarian and Democratic. Strange, I know. But, that's what I think. Nuff said.


Miss Heather said...

I think the EXACT same way as you. EXACT. You rock.

Eve said...

Well darlin', you rock too!! I'm going canvassing for Obama tomorrow morning. I guess I should go to sleep!