Wednesday, August 27, 2008

soooo tired

I'm tired.

I'm bushed.

I'll drink Monster, I'll down gallons of Coke, I'll take cat naps, I'll go running . . .

I am tired.

Last night I slept walked through a lecture on Shakespeare. Normally, I'm ecstatic to talk about Shakespeare--but last night I couldn't get my energy up there. I went to the gym yesterday afternoon thinking that an invigorating workout would help and I nearly died after 3 miles. No invigoration--just exhaustion.

I went to the foot doctor and he gave me a shot of cortisol. Holy cow shots in the bottom of the foot hurt like crazy!!! I woke up for that.

Than I went to Wendy's, ate a taco salad, and fell asleep in the parking lot.

Truly, I could change the world with this kind of mind boggling energy.

And I'm actually considering taking on an 8th class. Someone please shoot me.


Sunshine said...

No shooting here...but I would dare say that you are low in your iron. Especially if it is before, during or shortly after your monthly cycle, and your insulin is off. Stop drinking Monster, and Coke, and if you boil some water (2qt), put one peppermint tea bag, two camamille, and squeeze one full lemon. Let sit for about 20 mins. Use ice cubes to cool and drink throughout the day, you might have more energy. BUt you may not like the taste. Have a good one..

Crystal said...

Eh... 8 schnate, you can do it... Seriously Eve, don't run down your body like that. It is not cool to require sub-dermal shots in the bottoms of feet to wake up. Though i am with you. I came home from teaching today and was playing with the nice, non-peeing kitten and woke up thinking... How did I fall asleep while PLAYING?! Not cool.

Anyway, you are smart and you know yourself...