Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lucky Me

I was thinking about the good friends that I have this afternoon.

Sara is an amazing mother. I talk about gardening, but I keep forgetting to water my plants. And then they die. I imagine that someday I might be able to take care of living things, but right now--I'm just happy to feed and water myself. Sara--feeds and waters plants as well as children!! And both grow up to produce great fruits!

Alicia just finished college and she and her cute family are off to law school together. She is an independent thinker and someone that I really respect. And her kids are just so stinking cute!!

Heather doesn't quite realize how amazing her gift for thinking of others is. She isn't there when the beautiful flowers she sends--FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THAT SHE'S PSYCHIC AND KNOWS THAT YOU NEED IT--but I wish she could be. She would see her friends tear up a little, so grateful that someone in this world understands.

Crystal is a living miracle. She has survived so much. And done so well. She is such a good mother and a brilliant teacher! I had the honor of sitting in her class and I was mesmerized. She is intelligent and beautiful and kind.

Lesley is beautifully complicated. She has the soul of an artist--but she functions so well! (I know, it's amazing!) We did a show together this summer, and afterwards, Spencer told me that he was amazed by her talents. We both sighed at her genius--both of us wishing we could create the amazing electricity that Lesley creates when she is on the stage. But she's more than just an amazing artist--she is a wonderful friend. And she's so stinking humble!

I feel like my world is filled with amazing people who have touched my life in so many ways.

I love reading Melanie's blog and seeing how beautiful her family is. I love seeing her creativity and seeing that she continues to serve and love her friends and family so well.

Thank you for being my friends.

If I forgot someone, no worries!! I'll just write another blog!

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Sunshine said...

Well, my darling Eve, I have things to say about you as well. You are incredibly intelligent, much that I want to be as smart as you are in literature, and theater, and everything else. I mean... really you are AMAZING. Just amazing and you are such a good friend.

I love you !!