Monday, August 11, 2008

This Weekend

Corey--The Bride

Sybille Bruun--the director, of Hamlet, part 2.

Heidi--I picked her and Marybeth up in Chinatown Thursday night and we caught up on her adventures as a casting agent in NYC.

Rick--he's now acting with ASC's touring company. We went to grad school together. It was good to see him, even if it was for just a moment during the interval at Hamlet.

Greg Phelps--He played Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night and Edgar in King Lear. I took these headshots last spring. He's a great clown/leading man. His Andrew Aigucheek was wonderful.

Natasha Solomon--the latest photographic victim. She's so young! I love taking headshots in Staunton.

Corey Vincent (Holmes)

This weekend:

Corey married Adam on 8/8/08 in an octagonal barn.
I went to grad school with Corey. She is one of the kindest, most beautiful people in the world. I was so happy to see her happy.

This weekend:

I went to the American Shakespeare Center and watched Twelfth Night and King Lear on Saturday, then watched the Young Company perform a three-part Hamlet. It was a long day in the theatre, but I was able to see lots of old friends.

I stayed with Lesley and Robert--who are always kind and gracious hosts. And I was able to spend lots of valuable time with Heidi and Marybeth who came into town from NYC.

Overall, this weekend was lovely. I feel good about where I am right now, and I feel good about the people I've been able to meet and rub shoulders with. The pictures are only a small sample of the people I was able to meet and greet. It was a nice weekend.

On a side note--I finished Breaking Dawn.

I can't tell you how much I laughed at a certain part of the book--and if you've read it then you know EXACTLY what part I'm talking about. (Then again--there were so many moments like that.)


Miss Heather said...

I'm in the middle of Eclipse (still) so I'm glad you don't have spoilers about Breaking Dawn on here. :o) I'm jealous you got to see so many Shakespearean performances. I married a man who has no taste for Shakespeare. I want to go to Cedar to the festival every year and he never does.... boo hoo... :o(

Eve said...

I'm sorry. But . . . I get to see you in December!!! And that's as good as a Shakespearean play!!

Sunshine said...

Ahh, Breaking Dawn. Finished it on Thursday of last week. Loved to book, and I am thinking...what part is she laughing about...the part on the Island, the ending.. I really wanted that book to go on forever. It was like Harry Potter. I didn't want to put it down.

I will see you in December. Sometime in there I will be coming up. It kind of depends on when my brother in law has his leave from Iraq, but it will be in December. We will have to go to lunch or something. Love ya oh, and floating is okay, sometimes we need to just float! :)

Sunshine said...

Okay, that is totally the part that I laughed at...actually I thought, well, that's stupid. Could she not think of anything else? I mean really? Dumb, dumb, dumb! ;)