Thursday, August 21, 2008

forgetful focus

I don't know if the subject line makes any sense at all, but . . .

I have two freelance type jobs that I do--tutoring and photography.  As I was driving home last night I realized that I had completely spaced editing a paper for a tutoring student. How do you forget a project entirely??

I was supposed to have it done by last Friday. I didn't even think about it this week. 

I'm a little overwhelmed by how easy it was to completely space that job. 

I need to focus!! 

But sometimes things just happen that require my focus. Like finding a free bed on Tuesday!! I am so happy. It's a beautiful Ikea full size bed .

I bought deep red sheets. They're so soft and satiny! Soooooo, after sleeping on a mattress on the floor or on a metal futon for the last four years--I have a real bed!! 

I spent the last two days focusing on this task. I had to find the manpower and the truck to haul it with. And I accomplished this task. But I completely forgot everything else I was supposed to be doing. So this weekend, I will work on remembering everything else, while lounging in my giant full-size bed. 

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