Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm sorry. I know I didn't post all week.

Here's the thing.

I really try to write with two guidelines in mind.

1) Be Grateful
2) Be Present/Real/Authentic

I know I am writing with the purpose of expressing daily gratitude--but I never want it to be sunshine and unicorns, unless I'm really feeling that.

Last week--I just wasn't in a happy place. And I wasn't going to pretend like I was in order to write every day. I also wasn't going to write about the personal things that I was facing without taking a moment to gain some perspective. I realize I write personal things here--but I do so with a clear understanding that this is the internet. I will say--I think I would have had an easier time facing things last week had I taken a moment to write about something I was grateful for.

Lesson learned.

Moving forward.

To get the week started right--I'm going to make a list of things that I am grateful for from last week.

Here goes:

1) I am grateful for the long walk I enjoyed in the rain with my mother on Saturday afternoon. We were on a lovely trail and I really enjoyed myself.

2) I am grateful for the music I discovered while creating a set list for the November concert I'm doing.

3) I am grateful for late night conversations with good friends. I learned so much this weekend!

4) I am grateful for the cast of Carousel. It was a beautiful party last night.

5) I am grateful for endings.

6) I am grateful for this lesson: As much as the information itself--it matters WHO says it and HOW it is said. As an actor--this seems obvious. But sometimes I forget. Then I go to the temple--and I see it played out in front of me. I learned so much this weekend just by focusing on WHO says it--and HOW it is said.

7) I am grateful for who I was, who I am and who I will be. But that thought deserves its own post.

8) I am grateful for Breaking Bad. It is disgustingly good this season.

9) I am grateful for rejection. When I'm not smart enough to tell myself no, I'm glad that I am at least smart enough to date a man who recognizes that we aren't right for each other. The rejection hurts, but not as much as a bad marriage.

10) I am grateful for the opportunity to be alone.

I just hope I make the most out of it.

It is a gift.

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