Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Love Story

Once upon a time, I got to perform with Jim Dale.

It was incredible. Every night was this beautiful adventure with an amazing, generous, and talented actor.

And in the audience, his beautiful Roanne watched with this bright, vibrant smile.

I remember her hand on my arm as she shared her love. It was the kind of sincere, genuine exchange that leaves a mark.

Every time I had a chance to share a moment with Jim and Roanne was a beautiful gift. Kindness, love, and joy emanated from these moments. You left exchanges feeling the world was a brighter and better place.

Later, I learned that Roanne has been on dialysis for many years.

Every moment that she shared, every show she came to, every loving exchange was a choice she made that in spite of the pain and the array of excuses, she would choose to share herself and give her light and love. I'm sure there were many moments where the pain won out, but for the moments of generosity that she shared with me--I am so grateful.

I am also grateful for the love that Jim and Roanne share.

This is their wedding picture.

This is the day they chose to share the rest of their lives together. For better or worse. This was the day they made this choice.

And this is a picture of them together with their young nephew before Roanne passed away yesterday.

Same beautiful faces, same smiles, same choices.

Day in and day out, through all the trials of life, they chose to love. Every day.

I am inspired, I am touched, and I am just plain weepy.

Today I am grateful for Roanne and Jim. I am grateful for the example of love and light.
I am grateful that she is no longer in pain. And I am grateful for the opportunity to choose to love every day in honor of her example.

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Anonymous said...

Eve, this is so beautiful! You've put into such loving words the feelings of so many. Thank you for writing this from your heart, and for allowing the lucky ones who know these wonderful people, Jim and Ro, to share. Pam Olschewski