Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Beautiful Crucible

 The Harris Fine Arts Center

 The selfie, taken by my super tall little brother

Yesterday, I returned to my alma mater, BYU, to take my little brother Nick out for Thai food and to catch up with him on his adventures as he starts his senior year.

I spent 4 years at the Harris Fine Arts Center studying acting, and now he works there on Saturdays.

As I drove through the campus to pick him up, I felt lifted up by the attention to order and beauty. My time at BYU was difficult to say the least. Anytime you commit yourself to a task like college--you dive into a crucible. Each class, relationship, and experience is designed to mold you into a deserving graduate.

BYU is a crucible--but it's a beautiful one. I looked at the mountains that I had spent so many afternoons hiking through, the paths I had walked, and the buildings where I had studied-- and I thought of how that environment shaped my mind and soul.

Today, I am grateful for the chance to visit with Nick. I am grateful for the crucibles that have shaped me. I am grateful for Utah in September! (It's gorgeous!!) And last but not least, I am grateful for Thai food. Oh panang curry... I will love you always.

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