Monday, July 7, 2008


My friend Bridget and I decided to go to see some great art in DC.
This is the outside of the Hirschorn museum. I have to say, it's not my favorite museum. I've had some enjoyable moments there, but nothing really stood out to me at this visit.
This is the fountain outside the Hirschorn.
I took a picture of the Masonic Temple in Alexandria from the Metro. I put it through a chrome finish. And this is it!
I can't remember the artist. But I was struck by the painting of such a young girl writing in a 16th century Dutch painting. I like the story that it tells. and that it seems to value the girl's ability to write.
I love Degas. Nuff said.
this is a Georges Seurat piece. His work seems to capture the vibrancy of the most placid moments.


Crystal said...

You have an artistic mind! I look and see pretty and think "oooohhhh, pretty" no complex thoughts at all. not fair. And way to go with the keeping busy with awesome people doing enlightening things.

I am reading the most mundane book ever, but I keep reading it, it requires no thought. I had heard how good the series was for a year, but am completely underwhelmed... so to your "Wanted" I raise you a "Twilight Series"

BTW... thank you thank you for coming to see me.

Eve said...

Thank you for letting me. It made my day. I haven't been so utterly satisfied with a moment as I was sitting with you on your back porch in a very long time.