Saturday, July 12, 2008

Perfect Day--Part 3--Riding the Metro

While traveling through the fair city, certain biological demands have to be dealt with. I decided that the best place to use the bathroom--was at the airport!! Besides, there's something exotic about walking into an airport without luggage. Who needs luggage? I'll just buy a whole new wardrobe when I get to Paris!

I cannot describe my joy at seeing this beautiful sight. Ah, the public restroom.

Here I am at King Street Metro. I'm standing in front of the Masonic Temple.

Here I am riding home. The family sitting on my right seemed a little curious at the crazy girl taking pictures of herself.
Here's some pictures from the inside of the McPherson Square Metro.
It's almost pretty. I spent 90 minutes riding in the morning and 90 minutes riding home everyday for about 6 months. Truly, I both love and hate this scene. There's something serenely beautiful about a place where total strangers gather, but sometimes the smell of burning oil is just too much.

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