Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Navy Memorial

"Damn the torpedoes--full speed ahead!"

Today I went to the Navy Memorial.

This is a statue of a guy in the Navy. He looks like he'd be a nice man to be on a boat with.

The Navy Memorial has a lot of water. I think it might be symbolic of the sea.

Look! More water!! It's awfully pretty!

This girl is trying to touch the water. She looked nice. So I decided to go over and talk to her.

She asked me how to make a wish in a fountain. She thought you had to touch the water. I pulled out two pennies, and the two of us made a wish. I had to explain to her that you couldn't talk about your wish with anyone. She took a while to make her wish, but then threw her penny in the fountain. Her dad was deaf. I really enjoyed meeting the two of them.
She's kinda cute. To say the least.

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