Monday, July 21, 2008

Procrastinating on Monday

I must follow up.

Stupid boy came over last night instead of going to bed.

So now I have a new friend! We had a good time last night. I really appreciated the dynamic in the room. It was a small group, and everyone was relaxed and enjoying being around good friends. I am really sick of huge parties with people I barely know. Last night I was with close friends, and we introduced the new guy into the group dynamic and he did very well! Sam and Christina sat and spoke Latvian to each other--and that was incredibly interesting to listen to, and new guy popped in with Russian every once in a while. Spencer sat next to me poking me and dumping water on my arm to get my attention--I swear the man is a 3 year old--and Clarissa lounged on the floor, comfortable knowing that she didn't have to put on a show. And I just enjoyed everyone.

Spencer likes the new guy. And I like him too. He's nice to hang out with. He gave me some really really good advice. Most women advise me to lay low and not call the guy and not let him know I'm interested. I asked him, "Do you think he's interested in me?" and his response was--
"What does it matter? It isn't about him--it's about you! If you're interested in him, than keep him around. If you're not--than don't. It isn't about him."

It seems so strangely simply. But true. He advised me to make my actions reflect my feelings. Don't act beyond my real feelings. So, I'm interested. He's nice. But really, if he started dating a roommate, I'd think that was great! I have no personal feelings attached to the guy. He's great to hang out with though. And he drove me around Saturday night in his spider convertible. And that was great fun!

So, I'm not wondering whether he likes me or whether anything is going to happen with this guy--I'm simply going to call him if I feel like it and live in such a way that I have a good time--and stop worrying about what a guy's thinking. Thank you Spencer for teaching me to think more like a man! I love you!

Tomorrow--I'm going camping with my friend Bridget on Chincoteague Island!! or Asiteague. Not sure yet which island we're going to go to. But we're going camping!! On a beach!! I am going to get the best sunburn in the world!! I'm going to spend the entire 2 days wearing my bathing suit and eating smores!

I'm supposed to be leaving for class in 15 minutes. It's 4:45pm and I'm in my underwear.

Don't judge me.

Thanks for reading friends! Have a lovely day!

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Jackie Rama said...

You have to keep us updated on the progression of this guy . . .