Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Perfect Day--part 1

My Day started with a morning jog. That's right. I said, morning jog.

After this miraculous exercising occurred, I took the metro in to DC to have lunch at the Ebbit's Grill. This beautiful building, is the building where the Ebbit's Grill is located. It's really fancy. I enjoyed the company, but one of the guys we were with likes to play devil's advocate. I just wanted to turn to him and say, "Isn't it difficult to stand up for your own views if you're constantly holding up a critical mirror to other views?" For the most part he was enjoyable though.
After lunch, I walked across the street to get a better look at the Dept of Treasury and the tourists that abounded!

As I made my way down Pennsylvania Avenue, I noticed a small group of protesters assembling in front of the White House. The White House was kind of unimpressive. It was White and a House. But the people in front of the White House each seemed to have the most interesting stories. I wasn't really interested in the politics they were preaching. What interested me was their willingness to fight for what they believed. I loved their willingness, their NEED to walk out in the heat in front of the White House, holding handwritten posters, and proudly exercising their right to fight for their ideals.

The goal among the protesters was to be noticed. This woman dressed as Condoleeza Rice might offend, but you've got to give kudos to someone who is willing to wear a giant head on a hot, humid day. Again, I was impressed with the vigilance.

And of course, the tourists. Everyone was gathered to take pictures and rest.

This poor protester looks exhausted. I hate to say it, but the protests seemed sadly pathetic. No one really noticed that they were there. No one took them seriously, and there wasn't anything really radical about their being there. But they were there. And that's perhaps their greatest statement. I'm here. I may not have any money, but I have opinions and I'm free to express them whether you want to listen or not. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not as vigilant to share my own beliefs.
Another picture of tourists mingling around protesters.

And here's the White House. It's White. And it's a House. Though, it's hard to imagine people living there. Can you imagine never being able to go into your own front yard?

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Crystal said...

the other side (opposite that one) is much, much better. You are right, however, I was unimpressed by the sight as well. Until I learned about the colonnades and that the oval office is not actually in the pictured structure... that Thomas Jefferson was a clever man.