Saturday, July 12, 2008

Perfect Day--Part 4

Today was Alexandria's 2??th Birthday! I got off at the King Street Metro and began walking towards the Water. I made it about 6 blocks and stopped to look into an Ethiopian Gift Shop where I bought some new gold earrings. Then I walked another 8 blocks and on my way, I ran into a horse in a truck.
After walking 14 blocks, I decided that I would stop and rest my feet at a movie. Good times. Raisinettes! Wahoo! I really liked this movie.

After the movie, my friend Zach called. I served my mission in East Texas. Abby was in high school when I served in her town. Zach and Abby went to college together. We all met up for dinner! It was a great reunion.

This is just another picture of the Masonic Temple I took on my way home.

I didn't make any plans before this day began. I was open to whatever came my way, and I'm really pleased with how things panned out. I had plenty of solitary time. I spent time on the metro reading scriptures and people watching. I walked all over the place. And I was able to enjoy the company of old friends and new friends. I enjoyed wonderful food and great shopping. I kept thinking about how happy I was in London. I realized today that I've come full circle. Back in London, I took classes and spent the rest of the time touring, people watching, and writing in my journal.

Today, I realized that I am now teaching classes, and I spend the rest of my time touring, people watching, and writing in my journal. Now, I did spend my fair share of time making out with random strangers in London, but you can get away with that kind of frivolity when you're 19. I'm 30. I can hardly go around making out with total strangers now!

Then again . . . you only live once!


Alicia said...

Wow. What a day. I'm so jealous that you get to enjoy DC like that. We'll be in Virgina, but we'll be closer to TN than DC. Oh! The Coley's will only be a couple of hours from where we are moving!!!

Eve said...

Well come up and let's play!! The Coleys!! Do you keep in touch with them? Let's go see them together when you guys get here!

Crystal said...

Ah the days of random making out... what carefree creatures we can be. Now I could make out every day if I wanted to and I don't... I am not sure it is because I am 31 (almost 32!) but it is still fun to wonder about.