Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chincoteague with Bridget

We left Tuesday morning and drove 3 hours to Chincoteague Island off the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.

We spent the day sleeping on the sands, Bridget in her pink string bikini, and me in my blue one-piece. There's something about being with someone who is confident about their body that makes you just wannna strut your stuff along the sand. Somehow, by travelling with her I suddenly had a much better body than I do! (Please don't ever show me a picture of me next to her, it will ruin the wonderful picture I have in my mind.)

Our plan was to go camping on the beach, but as we drove into town to find a place to camp, we passed a lovely motel and had a wonderful idea!

After checking into our room--setting up camp if you will--we went a local restaurant and ordered a porterhouse steak and all you can eat Maryland Blue Crab!

Then we came back to the motel and revelled in cable television!

It was a perfect vacation.

I either, slept, ate, or floated in the waves for 24 hours. Not to mention the great company!

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