Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny blog


This blog is a crack up. Read it and weep.

I just got home from the gym. I haven't been since Thursday and I've been eating horribly over the past few days. I've also felt myself become toxic. I think exercise truly helps me to stave off depression.

I had three very different experiences with three very different men this weekend. Nothing romantic is between any of these guys--and just in case, I'll use fake names.

Friday night--Hans said he'd meet me at this karoake bar to sing and celebrate my roommie's birthday. He came and left before I got there after class. I was kind of bummed. I thought I had made a new friend. I drove home seriously pissed off at his inconsiderate actions. I ended class early and booked it to the bar because I didn't want him to be among my friends for too long without knowing anyone else. I got there 10 minutes after he left.

Saturday night--I went to dinner with an old friend George. George is a serial dater and he just broke up with the girl of his dreams. I enjoy his company, but he has no interest in me and I wasn't in the mood to prolong the evening. I went home early and headed to Batman by myself.

Sunday night--Ishmael texted and we went to ice cream. I know. It was Sunday. But I work 4 nights a week. We had a nice conversation. He's very talkative. But so am I. I kept waiting for him to say, "Let's call it a night" since he was practically falling asleep as he was talking. But he pressed on and finally we parted ways at about 11pm. It was nice and relaxing. No expectations.

Hans is a former nerd in his 30s. He drives a nice car, but he's still got a lot to learn about social graces. At a certain age, these little social faux pas become less cute and more unforgivable.

George needs to admit that he is very good at dating and horrible at relationships and that he should stop dating, and just hunker down in a relationship. He's in his late 20's and a law student. He's got time. He'll be fine.

Ishmael is a good friend. He's in his 30s and pretty darn self-aware. He's pretty upfront about his feelings which makes for uncomplicated friendship.

These were not dates. But ever since my mom told me about making that list, I've tried to be more open about hanging out with the brawnier sex.

But really, until the guy kisses me or flat out tells me that he wants me--it's just hangin' with friends.

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