Monday, July 1, 2013

A Brief Glance at the Making of the Film, Stop Pepper Palmer

Lonzo Liggins is a pretty cool dude and an intuitive writer.  He possesses a great combination of talent and a willingness to put in late hours and early mornings.

He has spent years reading scripts and writing scripts. He has read countless books and interviewed several professional filmmakers to educate himself. After preparing himself well, he finally found the funding and the right crew to make his idea a reality.

It's pretty damned inspiring honestly.

It started with a thought. And he nurtured it, sought wisdom, worked his ass off, and now this initial thought is in post production.

 The two charismatic leading characters: Latoya Rhodes and Carleton Bluford

 The international rapping sensation, Too $hort, and director/writer, Lonzo Liggins

 Scott Schwartz, from A Christmas Story, and Mike Hardy

 Andrew Diaz, as Pepper Palmer

Director of Photography, Danny James

Lonzo Liggins and the other Director of Photography, Andrew James

(Danny and Andrew are brothers. They basically just spend all day carrying around giant cameras and making everything look pretty and easy. I bow to their gifts.)

Rebecca Turkanis, producer
(She is one of the very important people that spends her time working hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. ie: Craft Services and other elements of comfort and joy.)

This is Elise Hanson.
 She is the talented make up artist who made it look like we weren't sweating buckets.
 (We were.)

 The crazy talented Matt Matson and Jake Suazo are entertaining Carleton Bluford while Heather Bakewell mics everyone. 

Grip Ron Kafourek gabbing with Terence Johnson. 
Terence is playing a Black Irish guy named Phil. 
Get it. 
Black Irish. 
he he he.

Nick Ferrari, driver 
(of course)
Sahna Foley, 1st Assistant Director
I don't know what Carl did, but I am pretty sure his credit will read, ultimate lighting guru.
After setting up the lights, he would fan our faces to stop us from sweating so much. 
I love him. 

 And finally, this is LaToya Rhodes playing a scene at the Midvale Main Street Theatre. 
I gotta give a shout out to my favorite theatre!

To see these pictures and more, Like the Stop Pepper Palmer page on Facebook. That's where I stole all these images from. So, you know, go like the film!

(Special Thanks to Monique Lanier and Scott Newton from Double Vision Photograph)

If you're not sure whether to like it or not, consider this.  It's a Utah Film, made in Utah by Utah actors, about people who love Utah. 

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