Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dallas Ford

 Today I met a new artist.

I was absolutely enthralled with his work. 

His paintings are like music. 

They have balance and harmony. The colors soar off the page. 
The rough colors are smooth and the soft colors are held in jagged patterns. 

The paintings soar. The jump off the canvas. 

I wish I could explain it... but somethings just have to be experienced. 

There is a depth. It's like diving into color. It's rich and exhilarating. 

And I can't find a thing about him on google. 

So here's the introduction folks. 

Dallas Ford. Dallas. Ford.

On his card is an outdated website.

But here's his email address. 

He's fresh and new and ready to share his art with the world.

Email him at

I met him at the Urban Arts Festival at the Gateway Mall today. 

Tell him that the girl in the corset and straw hat suggested that readers email him and ask about the next opportunity to see his art. 

Today I am grateful for Dallas Ford and his beautiful work.

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