Saturday, July 27, 2013

That Fun Time in Rehearsals Where I Get Super Nervous

Today was our first day in the space at the Murray Theatre.

When I get into the space, I think of all the things that could go wrong. I think of all the time we don't have. I think about how I want to make every moment count. And I beat myself up when I don't make every moment work--even though it's the first day in the space. I overwhelm myself and I'm sure I overwhelm my fellow actors.

But today, despite all the things I wish had gone better, there were moments of pure magic.

Our Julie, played by Amber Lee Roberts, is always on. Her voice sounds like a bell, and I absolutely love watching her. She is charming, deep, thoughtful, sincere, and when she sings the corny love songs--you feel like she represents that hokey part of your soul that you hope others don't see.... very much... even though you know that everyone knows you're a hokey romantic.

Billy Bigelow is played by the charismatic, forceful, and disgustingly talented Samuel Ross West. I sat back stage listening to him sing his Soliloquy. It was nuanced with tones of both confusion and conviction. He is perfect.

Errybody else (not a typo, this is how my mind is speaking right now...I'm watching Dave Chappelle while I type this) is wonderfully giving, energetic, searching, and improving with every rehearsal. I respect their dedication, their focus, and their willingness to give time, gas, and love for this project. 

I took a picture backstage.

Think of it as a sneak peak.

Exciting, yes?

Yes indeedy.

Today I am grateful for the cast of Carousel. I'm really looking forward to performing with these folks.

Ticket info for the show can be found at
(In case you don't feel like clicking on the link, the show plays August 9-August 24 on Fri, Sat, and Monday at the Murray Theatre.)

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