Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Words Words Words

In the beginning was the word.

I have been having these thoughts about words lately.

But I can't seem to figure out how to put these ideas about words into words.

How's that for irony...  or some sort of rhetorical conundrum that I can't define.

I've been writing this blog pretty regularly for 6 months. During the last week, I feel like I wasn't as dedicated to writing as I have been. And I felt a loss. Writing out my gratitude, putting in words the blessings of my life blesses the moment. It makes the every day seem holier somehow. And when I don't write, I feel the difference.

Then there are the words lovers say to one another. I think about the 5 love languages. I love words. I need to hear words of love spoken. But more than that, I trust words of love. I allow those words to have a power over me. But lately, I don't trust words of love as much as I have in the past. I hear them, and I dismiss them. The words have lost their power because they represent nothing anymore. When a person loses the power of their word, what have they lost? Is there anyway to really measure what that person has ultimately lost? And what am I losing by doubting the words of a lover?

We think that money empowers, but really, it's our word that empowers. Words are the expression of ideas before we put forth the effort to create concrete work, relationships, creative endeavors.

We hear the words from a fearless leader and we endeavor to collaborate and bring all of our efforts together under the umbrella of the leader's words.

When I taught English at Stratford University, I would give a big ol' speech on the first day of class about how studying the expression of language will enable them to become better leaders and managers in their respective fields of study. And it's true. If you can't convey with words both the idea and your confidence in their abilities to bring the idea to life, then you can't lead.

So what about the quiet types? The brooding, thoughtful types? Are they lacking power? Or are they silent because they understand the value of what they put forth when they share their words?

We must not be afraid of words. Our words propel us forward and give the dull hours meaning. A good conversation with a friend can turn dinner into a moment.

But we must be careful with our words too. To lie. To misrepresent your intentions. What are we losing when we lose the power of our word?

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to express my words and my ideas across a vast miraculous interweb to beautiful friends. I will endeavor to express only my most genuine thoughts in order to give proper respect to the word. 

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I'll take your word for it then!