Friday, July 12, 2013


Sometimes you make plans. ( In my  plan, I'm skinny and perfect and wonderful!) And while you wait for those plans to come to light, you make a friend. Plans require specific qualities and ambitions. Friends just require love. Until I step forward and become the woman in my plans, it's nice to have a friend who loves me for me. Right now.

Today I am grateful for my strengths, my weaknesses, and the friends who continue to care for me despite the fact that neither of us fits into one another's master plan.

Sometimes it's just nice to spend time with a friend who knows me super well and still thinks I'm cool. I am sometimes tempted to steer clear of people because I'm afraid they'll discover my true list of flaws. But then you have the friends who have been around long enough to know you in all the seasons, through weight gain, unkindness, etc... And yet time passes and the friendship remains. It almost gives a girl faith in love.

We're just friends, but I'm grateful for him just the same.