Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chris Thile and Corsets

Today I am grateful for Chris Thile and his magnificent music.

I've been listening to him sing and play with his band Punch Brothers on their album Who's Feeling Young Now. 

Give it a listen.

You're welcome.

I have this fantasy about singing with a band. It seems like the perfect theatrical opportunity. You get just sing and create music and be in the moment--while being yourself. Sounds divine.

Last night, I put on my corset.

I looked awesome. I couldn't breathe, but dang, I have a purty figure

.... in a corset.


I hear that people look that good without one on...

Of course, they also watch what they eat better than I have done over the past week.

Must.... continue.... onwards....

Must... keep.... dieting....

(or more accurately, start dieting again since I fell off the proverbial bandwagon and have jumped on the horse going in the opposite direction...)

My back hurts. Ice cream makes it feel better.

This is a lie.


I'll stop now.

Have a nice day folks! 

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