Saturday, January 12, 2013

Being Home on a Saturday Night

This is my view just outside my sliding glass door. 
So snowy and pretty. 

And this is the view inside of my little apartment:

This is my 6th cup of hot herbal tea today. 
Or 10th...
It's sooooo tasty.

A yummy pot roast.
That I made. 
I raised the cow and spent the afternoon slaughtering my wee little Bessie. 
Not really. 

Miss America is on the TV.
I can't stop watching.

Right now I'm watching swim suit competition trying to remember which one of them talked about how she has to do special exercises to help with her flat butt.
I love how the camera just follows their little heinies...
 As a woman who hails from the corner of Flat Butte and Big Mountains, USA... I'm offended that the camera isn't focusing more on their little boobies.

And this is my roommate Clarissa. 
She keeps yelling offensive comments at the TV. 
And she's enjoying my awesome pot roast. 
Sort of. 
It's a little chewy.
So I am going to cook it a little longer. 

It's Saturday night bitches!
Today I'm grateful for the comforts of my little home. 


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