Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's the Little Things

Today I am tired.

I am poor.

I am feeling bleh.

So here is a list of happy things that happened today.

I make this list in a selfish effort to renew and reset my tired little heart.

1) I had a great conversation with a dear friend.
2) I got a great email from my mom today with an inspiring story.
3) The temperature rose to 19!
4) I had a great conversation with an awesome anarchist.
5) I rented out 5 new storage units today.
6) I vacuumed the office. And now it is clean!
7) I found a can of tasty soup!
8) I am now set up to rent a Uhaul van at my storage facility.
9) I get to rehearse tonight with the amazing cast of Charlie Brown.
10) My car is running beautifully.
11) I am wearing a red dress.
12) I have purple pantent leather slippers on.
13) There's a nice man who keeps trying to take me out. (We'll see....)

That's all I got for you today.


14) I saw the blue sky today!

Today I'm grateful for gratitude.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Blue sky is always good! Especially better than grey yuckiness!