Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Outdoing the Undone

It's Tuesday.

Today, I would like to discuss my sense of fashion.

It hasn't changed much over the years.

When I was in high school, I wore the same jeans over and over and over again. Because once you find the perfect fit, why bother looking anywhere else.

So I looked like this....

(pony tail, no make up, jean vest, black shirt...)

More often than I looked like this...

(hair done up in fancy curls, make-up, wearing my great-grandmother's jade necklace...)

I ride this line between really done up and really undone. I don't have a lot of "in between" clothes.

In the theatre, you're either in rehearsal where you need to be comfortable and mobile, or you're at an opening night where you gotta look like a supah stah!

Today is Tuesday.

I am alone in the office. I will be headed to rehearsal right after work.

I am dressed for function and comfort.

So what's the opposite of a fashion blog?
      A hipster blog? (ha ha ha! Hipsters wish they were as cool as I am!)

In true Eve Style, I give you.....

 "Tuesday's Great Get Up"

Before you throw the book at me, just remember, when I've a mind, I can look like this....

But not today.

Today I am grateful for years of dressing like a bag lady that make it possible for me to joyfully continue in this vein... Forever. And Ever. If I feel like it.

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