Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phone Calls About Phones

Today I got a phone call at work.

He said his name was Horatio Featherstone and since that's a fairly common name, I wasn't sure if I recognized him at first. But then I saw his address in the system and I remembered him immediately.

He was the older gentleman I described in this post back in August.

Later, we had shared some pizza together and spent an hour just shootin' the breeze. I hadn't seen him since the end of August.

He was calling to make sure that everything was good with his accounts. We did some business and then talked about life and I enjoyed hearing his sweet voice again.

An hour later, he called again. He had a question about his cell phone and he said, "You're such a smart person! I figured if anyone knew how to help me, it would be you!"

I couldn't help him because a degree in Renaissance Literature isn't very useful when you want to fix a broken cell phone.

But his call made me smile.

Today I am grateful for opportunities to share a moment with another human being. His calls brightened my day and made me feel significant in my little corner of the kingdom.

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