Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Do

This is Lucy and Charlie Brown in Midvale Main Street Theatre's production of

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

I'm so proud of this production. 

I'm a little tired. For a musical director, this show is like an ulcer waiting to happen.

It seems simple. Just a comic strip set to music....

But music underscores every joke. And the songs are complicated and instead of having a stage of voices to nail the complicated intervals and harmonies--you have 6 singers. That's it. 

I feel like everyone at Midvale Main Street has put forth their best in this production. 

I love the set. Tammy's idea to put a slide in the middle of the stage is genius. Johnny Schmidt can make any great set idea come to life. Ryan Fallis and Sean McLaughlin's set painting makes me smile. Jennifer Hairr's lighting is enchanting. Ben Mayfield's piano playing is wonderful.  Jan Harris's costumes are delightful. And Kristina Stone is the queen of props. And Ashlee Brereton's choreography is perfect. 

In this production, I do a lot of listening. I listen for cues to bring in the music. I listen for sound levels in order to balance voices with the music. I listen for harmonies and tempos to know what to correct. 

But occasionally I get to look up from the board and I get to see magic. I adore the stage pictures that Tammy Jackson Ross has created in her directing. I love these actors. They have created a show that is deceptively nuanced and utterly charming. 

It's only playing for 2 weekends. 

There's a lot of buzz.


We aren't selling tickets online. 

Go to the website to get info on the theatre and times. 

Then just call the theatre at 801-566-0596 and leave a message for the date and time you wanna come. 

We'll save you a seat. 

Opening Thursday, Jan 31st. 

Th, F, Sat 7pm or Sat 2pm. 
7711 S Main St (700 West)
Midvale, Utah

Today I am grateful to do what I do in a place I love with people I adore. 


Melissa said...

I wish I lived closer, and that I had money, because I would totally come and see it! I remember a super super long time ago they did this play at the high school... I think it was when Dee Pace was the drama teacher so I'm sure it was great. I was in elementary school at the time and we got to watch one act of it for a field trip. Funny the things we remember.. :)

Eve said...

Me too! Because that means I could see you! We need to get together next time I'm in town. I never thanked you for your cute Christmas card. You have such a beautiful family.