Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Today is my dear dad's birthday!

Brent Francom married my mom over 20 years ago and has supported me through high school, college, a mission, more college, and all sorts of fun life crises.

When they first got married, he owned the local Napa Auto Parts store in Tremonton. As kids we would all come down and work for him, cleaning bathrooms, organizing shelves and putting away parts. To this day, I love the smell of an auto parts store.

 I remember he won Alumni of the Year during that first year of our family. I was so proud of him. The whole town was out to cheer him on as he accepted his award on the football field.

I remember in high school going with him to paint the BR on the mountain with the Key Club.

Some of my fondest memories are going camping at the sand dunes in Idaho. We would ride across the dunes on the 4-wheelers and he would make the best dutch oven meals over the fire.

I remember going up to West Yellowstone and taking the snowmobiles across Idaho into Montana. It was absolutely wonderful! 

Every Sunday night, he would take Rhode's frozen dough and stretch out the dough balls and dip them in hot oil and make the most delicious hot scones. All of us kids would drizzle sugar and butter on them and devour the tasty goodness.

He worked hard every day of the week between running a business, raising a family of 7 kids, scouting, and whatever other community service he had volunteered for. 

I remember spending summers working with him at the concession stand.

He would sponsor softball teams and every year he sponsored a contestant in Miss Bear River Valley. He was so proud the year Jamie Palmer went on to win the pageant!

At church, he loved all of his callings. I remember when he was called to be on the Stake High Council. He asked if we would support him. He took us out to provide musical numbers for his visits to the different congregations. It gave us a chance to share our talents and helped to reduce his speaking time! I still have guys from his youth group come up to me and ask me how he's doing--remembering the time he spent with them as a scout leader. And today, the neighborhood kids are always coming over to say hi.

Time has passed and we're all grown up but he still works hard every day taking care of the yard and the house--in addition to his work as a parts manager.  He is from a time where the woman does the housework--but he loves to take care of dishes so my mom won't have to. They enjoy taking care of one another and they take joy in making their home beautiful for one another.

I think when I try to remember everything--the prevailing memory is that I always knew how much he loved my mother. There was never a single moment where I ever doubted that my mother was loved. And by extension--I knew I would always be loved and that I would always have a soft place to fall. 

He set an example of hard work, love, faithfulness, and generosity for all of his children.

I think of the past 22 years and the joy and security I had growing up with him and my gratitude knows no bounds.

Today I am grateful for my dad Brent.

I love you!

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Salmon Tolman Family said...

What a beautiful, tributary post to Brent!