Thursday, May 2, 2013

Historic Landmark

Yesterday while driving down the freeway,  I saw a sign that indicated an upcoming car crash. I headed off the freeway. I was driving down State Street and I saw the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. I decided to stop and see. I got a two piece chicken meal for $2.99! 

There all sorts of pictures and items from the original restaurant.

It looks like a statue of a man and his son. It's just beautiful. I love that there's a statue on State Street and 3900 South--just a few blocks away from where I live--and just down the street from the Strip Club and the Children's Theatre. Oh Salt Lake! How I love you!

And of course--this is the famous white suit!

Today I am grateful for historic landmarks in my backyard!


Bob said...

I love the quotes from Mr Harman on the walls and museum type info on the tables. It's like getting cultured and eating fast food in one stop.

Eve said...

Me too! I wish I could have spent more time.I should go back there on my next family vacation to State Street. :)