Friday, May 10, 2013

My Throne

From my throne in the sound booth, I mainly listen. 

I listen for full harmonies.

I listen for balanced sound.

I listen. 

I don't often get to watch.

So at this earlier stage in rehearsals, I enjoy taking a moment to watch because it's not as important to just listen as it is later when we introduce mics and sound absorbing audience members. 

Last night I watched with my camera.

The pictures I took are of the cast members of Avenue Q on a random Thursday night rehearsal.

The actors are doing their beautiful thing. 

[sidenote for the curious: The puppets they're using are rehearsal puppets. The real puppets are on their way from the puppetmaker. The puppets coming are much larger and absolutely beautiful. Midvale Main Street Theatre had the puppets made specifically for this production.]

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