Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Utah Photoscapes

While living in Staunton, VA--during my grad school years--I used to take pictures of the beautiful state of Virginia. I would then print the pictures and make stationery with the pictures that I sold in a local card shop.

My mother loved those cards. For Mother's Day, she asked me to give her more cards.

Now I'm in Utah. Every creative endeavor must evolve. In Virginia--each picture was filled with micro details. One pictures was enough. In Utah, the beauty is more about the assembly of micro details into the grand macro vision. With this in mind, I decided to cut and glue my way to a whole new kind of stationery.

This creative endeavor combines my love of scissors, glue, tape, and photography.

Today I am grateful for a mother who encourages my creativity and indulges my love of scissors.

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