Friday, May 10, 2013

A Dear Friend

Last night I got to visit with my dear friend Heather.

I've known Heather since high school.

She is a complicated, authentic, sincere, and beautiful person. Her complexity is mysterious. She just isn't the kind of person to simplify her own thoughts to fit the mainstream. She is spiritual at her core. Nothing about what she does is surface. She knows who she is and she lives her life to serve and bring joy to others. It's hard to describe a woman like Heather without gushing.

She is an incredibly smart woman, a talented teacher, and I can't wait to read her first published novel--something she'll get around to once she takes the time away from taking care of her family and friends to get it done.

She is beautiful. The kind of beautiful that stems from experience and the choice to enjoy life.

I was driving home and I just decided to drive over and say hi.

And being the friendly, happy person that she is--I was welcomed into her lovely home at eleven o'clock last night.

We laughed and shared and enjoyed wonderful conversation with her beautiful doggie nestled between the two of us.

I love this friend. Tonight, I am grateful for her love and friendship. 

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