Saturday, May 25, 2013


I walked into their apartment and took in the new hard floors, the newly tiled kitchen, the gorgeous refinished furniture, the paintings... all of this Christi found/did. She is a woman with taste and woman with skills.

I found her laid out on the couch. She's on bedrest until her little one is born later this summer.

I curled into the corner of the couch and we spent the evening sharing stories, laughter, and delicious food.

I met Christy in January 2011 in the lobby of the church. It's hard to describe how we just connected immediately. We're both a little crazy and a lot awesome.  She soon moved into my apartment. She was a gift from heaven. She would rub my feet, organize my closet, and just provide a listening ear for me during a confusing time.

She will always be dear to me.

Tonight, we talked about her own journey.

When we met, she was going through a painful divorce and separation from her children. She loved them dearly, but she had to leave her abusive husband. I know from her care for me that she was an amazing mother. She was in constant pain being away from her dear ones. But instead of giving up, she sought out opportunities to serve others from her parents and her nieces and nephews to little ol' me.

She fell in love and married a good man who has supported her in her fight for her children, and in her fight to find peace with an uphill battle.

To see her tonight, curled up in her beautiful home, with her big pregnant belly, I was overwhelmed with joy. We cut each other's hair--as is our quarterly ritual. Then I did her dishes, in an effort to repay the many acts of service she did for me.

Tonight, I am grateful for my dear friend Christi and for her well-deserved happiness.

She is an angel.

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Anonymous said...

Evey, I don't know what to say! It is you that is the angel. I love you dearly. Thank you.