Monday, May 13, 2013


Once upon a time...

I lived in this little blue condo. 

Matthew wasn't born in this house. He was born in the white house in Salina. 

But I don't have a picture of the white house in Salina. 

We LIVED in this house. It's not completely random.

This is the house where Matthew tried to learn speaking. 

I remember Jack and I were very worried that he wasn't speaking. 

We expressed our worries to our mother.

She explained that he wasn't speaking yet because the two of us talked too much. 

This is probably true. 

When Matthew was born, Jack and I were very excited to show him off. 

We were mesmerized by his round soft head and his lack of red hair. 

He was so quiet and so sweet. 

Here's Jack pulling him in a wagon. Matthew is very rolly here. And happy. 

He's happy because he knows, out of all of us, he is the best looking one. 

This has to bring a smile to any baby. 

 Because of his unfortunate childhood obesity, we feared he would roll off any flat surface. 

We were constantly holding him so he wouldn't roll away. 

As he grew older, he did many things. 

This picture was taken when he was a clean cut doctor dating a nurse. 

This picture was taken when he was going through his black haired/nerd phase. 
Later, he proved to not be as nerdy as everyone thought. 

This was when he was serving in the South Pacific. 

The old man pursing his lip next to him is some sort of general.

We just call him dad.

Sometimes he's happy.

Sometimes he's sad. 

And sometimes he's very serious with a big beard.

This picture was taken while he was fighting in the War of the Roses.

I bet you didn't know they had cameras back then.

Or that my brother Matthew is a time traveler.

Today I am grateful for my brother Matthew. 

I love you brother. 
Happy Birthday!


Christi said...

This may very well be one of my favorite posts ever.

Eve said...

You may be one of my favorite people ever.