Friday, May 3, 2013

Salt Lake City CSI

I wish I had taken pictures... But sometimes it just feels a little strange to take pictures of people as they're doing their job.

This morning when I arrived at work, three police officers were there.

There was an accident at the intersection and my video surveillance caught it. They spent a good hour going over video feed and preparing the evidence.

We have a bunch of cameras...

My window looks out on this busy intersection...

It was exciting! And sad. The video showed a guy on his bike crossing against traffic--and this poor woman slammed on her brakes--but it was too late. 

The guy didn't die, but he's seriously injured in the hospital.

In other Salt Lake City CSI news...

My Uhaul van was stolen a couple of weeks ago. 

This couple comes in and claims to be married. They rent the van in her name and take off. 

(Big sigh....)

And they never return. 

Such. A. Headache. 

I have called and called and called and threatened and annoyed and texted and emailed and facebooked and called. 

Fast forward two weeks--my regional manager found the van! Minus a few expensive parts.

If you happen to know a Katrina Jaatinen--skinny blond from California--or an Anthony Williams--tall and dark--hangs around Provo--likes to haul scrap--Tell them I'm looking to put them in jail for grand theft auto. 

Bet you never thought managing a storage facility would be so exciting.

Another "I wish I had taken a picture of this" moment. A transient came by the other day. Looked to be about 30, long beard, long hair. Dark tan. Twinkle in his eye. Old dirty clothes. And a dog perched on his shoulders like a parrot. I can imagine him hopping a train for parts unknown with his satchel and his dog. He was like something out of a book. 

Today, Salt Lake City just feels like the wild wild west. 

And I love it.

Today I'm grateful little adventures that make life interesting. 

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