Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gratitude Posts About Productivity Are Boring For Anyone But the Writer

Today has been a most productive day.

Not very interesting... but very productive.

I'm wearing my sneakers in preparation for productivity.

First, I vacuumed the office and wiped everything down. Boom! Nothing like vacuuming to immediately feel productive!

I washed the windows, bleached all the surfaces, and gassed the elevator with Lysol... right before a customer decided to get on the elevator.  Poor guy.

I updated my billboards outside.

 I am offering new storage customers 2 for 1 tickets to Avenue Q! Now everyone who leaves Salt Lake City can see our beautiful Trekkie Monster! (The pic isn't that great...but from further off--it looks perfect!)

I made more cards. I am going to see if I can't sell some here at the storage place. They look pretty on the shelves!

I'm caught up on my giant to do list at work...
Avenue Q is almost ready to open...

I love days where you can just focus and get things done.

Sidenote: I posted on Facebook that I lost ten pounds last week--cause I did--and 86 people liked this random status. I love the support! A friend of mine, Tamara, started weight loss competition. We meet every week and we're competing to see who can lose the most weight in before August. So far, I'm winning! But only by 3 pounds. Whoever loses the most, wins a pot of money. I like money.

And on that note, I am going to walk around the office for 30 minutes so I can get a little bit of exercise today.

Gotta be productive!

Today I am grateful for supportive friends and productive days.

If you managed to read this whole thing--give yourself a gold star!


benjino said...

I get a gold star? Yes! Most productive I've been all day.

Joseph L. Puente said...

Gold star for me too!