Thursday, May 30, 2013

Opening Night

I need to leave for the theatre.

But first, I want to tell Director/Producer Tammy Ross how proud I am to work with her.

Tonight, we're opening Avenue Q at the Midvale Main Street Theatre.

From the set, to the newly constructed puppets, to the cast, to the music, to the lighting, to the costumes,  everything is ready.

This is not an easy show to do and it requires someone with vision and a real collaborative spirit. She has a strong hand--but she also trusts her team and allows us to do what we do best. I am so pleased with this work.

The play itself has it's risque moments, but because it goes there.... it also goes there.  It goes to all those places we don't want to talk about. Sex, racism, porn. AND...It talks about how hard it is to be alone,  the lack of hope that the current generation has to succeed where their parents succeeded, and how we can find joy despite all the odds against us.

It is a magical show.

I really hope you will join us.

Tickets are only $20 for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a high quality production in a house of only 130 seats. Can you imagine??

Don't imagine. Just come and experience it.

We run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm.

The shows start early, but you can enjoy delicious food from the concessions stand. 

Call 801-566-0596  for tickets.

The theatre is located at 7711 S Main St, (700 West), Midvale, Utah.

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