Monday, February 18, 2013

Back At Work

I'm back at work! It's been a busy day. I love this job.

I finally got some of the pics loaded from the trip.

Here are some memories.

Peyton and his fabulous legos. He showed me his Titanic ship made out of legos! We also had a blast playing the piano. He is learning the theme music from old school Mario Bros. This kid is incredible!

Michael schooled me in the game of Life--after I trounced the unsuspecting 5 year old at Monopoly in the strangest game ever. I kept landing on Free Parking and he kept going to jail. It was hilarious.

And here's William with his babydoll. He named him Baby. He will be such a good daddy! He kept saying, "I love you Aunt Evey!" This made my heart melt. I am currently still a bit of a puddle.

I am so grateful for these boys. They make me laugh and today I am grateful for pictures.

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