Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Land of Yarnia

I get to crochet with the ultimate grand master of the yarn...

You may have heard of her...

Robin the Super Duper Great Master of the Yarn.

This is her official title. 

This is what she is currently crocheting--to give to me!!

And this is the yarn I'm going to use in the blanket I'm about to make!

A little bored with the post about yarn, eh? Not completely riveted with the proclamation of the colors I shall use in my newest project? Tsk tsk.

Clearly, you've never found the meditative joy of crocheting.  The repetition. The trance. The softness. The detail.

It is beautiful. I love the feeling of taking random string and weaving it into a beautiful fabric. 

I wish I was as good as Robin is at weaving patterns, but I'm learning. 

Today, I'm grateful for Robin, learning new hobbies, and soft beautiful yarn. 

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