Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happiness Is...

Morning without an alarm.

Plenty of sleep.

A warm bath with luxurious salts, oils, and candles.

Plenty of time to run errands.

A matinee with bunches of little kids in the audience.

And my dear friend Ruth and her beautiful cherubs. 

A fun dinner with the cast and crew.

Right now, I'm sitting in the soundbooth playing my favorite songs across the theatre's big sound system while the cast plays Outburst on the stage.

They're so beautiful. They're all laughing together.

The whole theatre is just filled with joy.

And great music.

Today I am just grateful to be me.

I get to do another show... And then Quick Wits will play after the show.

And I MIGHT get to bed by 1 am.

The day swirls in and around me. So much to do!

But right now, there's this joyful moment where I get to just sit and reflect on my blessings.

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