Monday, February 4, 2013

February Goal

My resolution for the entire year is to post something I'm grateful for everyday.

Now, if I'm in the middle of having a happy day, I'm not about to stop in order to post a blog. But I generally have time to post something reflective. 

I have missed two days so far. Jan 26th and yesterday.

So today I'm going to post twice. 

I'm really happy with this goal. I have been able to keep it and I've enjoyed focusing on just one goal instead of several. But I want to continue growing. So I've decided to allow myself to add a new goal every month. 

I have decided in this cold dry winter, that it is important that I drink enough water. 

The amount of water a person drinks is based on their body weight, etc. I have a lot of weight in my spectacular body. So I will need to drink more water than someone else. This is not a recommendation for others--BUT--I'm going to drink one gallon of water every day for the month of February. 

That's my goal for February. 

Today, I'm grateful for water. 

And a running toilet. 


Larissa said...

And the ability to run to the toilet;-)

Eve said...

Yup. Just got back from that trip. Perhaps I'll make more running the goal for March!