Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Have You Become?

There's a skit on Saturday Night Live that I actually really like right now.

I like it because it is horribly well timed for my generation/age/predicament.

It's called, What Have You Become? You can view it here:

In the game, each of the contestants are smiling about their average to mediocre lives. Then the host asks the question, "What have you become?" And they fall a part...

And it is funny.

It makes me laugh.

It is so depressing.... SO hilariously depressing!

What did I want to be when I was growing up?

I wanted to be a dancer, an author (that's what I wrote on my first grade project), a singer, an actor...

I watched a news show last night about inviting girls to join the world of technology. I wish I had wanted to be a computer programmer.

I thought about being a doctor, but I hate bodily fluids.

I thought about being a psychologist, but I have enough psychodrama in my life.

As an LDS girl, you're taught to always have your head in two places--get a good education, but remember that your priority is to raise a family. I feel like I've mastered having two priorities in my life. It's a skill that has served me well. I often have two different sets of goals. In DC, I was often teaching for the university and working on a new project as a director or producer. In Utah, I'm managing the storage facility, while working on a theatrical project in the evening.

I kind of like that I have this skill. I used to resent that I was taught to develop two different sets of priorities, but I honestly can't imagine a life where I only have one job.

Even in college, I always had a job and school. If a show came up, I would quit the job and do the show and school--but there was always a split focus.

What have I become? I have become a woman who is good at doing two things at once.

I want to become a person who makes the most of my time on earth. I want to become  a person who authored a book, a singer, a cheap substitute for a psychologist for friends willing to share, a caregiver for those seeking a compassionate bandaidputteroner, a dancing fool, and a person who types up programs on my computer. Ha! I can be anything I wanna be! And instead of paying me to DO it, I'll have people paying me to STOP! "Ma'am, please stop dancing in front of me and my wife here in the park, we're trying to have a discussion about the proper pronunciation of Proust."  Whatever! Gimme a dollar!

Today I am grateful for 24 hours in the day that allow me to be whatever the hell I wanna be today! 

What have I become? I have become a person who likes to play candy crush on Facebook even though all of her friends have surpassed her because she can't beat the stupid level that she is currently on. For now.... To be continued!


Melissa said...

Don't worry Eve, you'll pass the level, and then I am sure you will pass me again. :D

Eve said...

Your score taunts me every time I play!

Salmon Tolman Family said...

I love reading your blog these days! I like your insight and thoughts and hearing about your day. Thank you for sharing what you have become with me and the world!