Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Kinfolk

Last night I saw my dad and my brother. We spent the evening together.

At one point, we sat in the closed deli at the Hyvee grocery store.

To recount our conversations would reveal our insanity.

At one point, Matt made Dad tell everyone that he was a pretty princess.  Dad asked me if I wanted to be a mother. I said yes. He pretended to weep to the heavens for joy. And all of us shared our latest theatrical adventures.  One of our revelatory moments: we all agreed that we must sustain our intuitive friends and that the present trumps the future and the past.

I volunteered to ride in the back of my dad's red pick up truck to enjoy the beautiful night sky.  The wind whipped in my face.

I am grateful for my dad and my brother. I love them both so much and I am glad I got to spend time with them both.

I am grateful for the beauty of each moment. I keep coming back to the scripture about Charity.  Love truly does perfect each experience.

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