Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday in the Utah with Friends

Today started with breakfast with my dear friend Joe. So tasty and good company!

Church was wonderful. Good talks.

I get to play the piano in relief society on a beautiful grand piano. I played my favorite songs during the prelude and postlude.

After church, a little girl saw me and wouldn't stop staring. Her mother came over and said that her daughter thought I was a princess. I was wearing a sparkly shirt, pink hair, and red lips. I didn't realize I was doing anything particular--but as I saw the girl gaping at me, I realized I was dressed in a little girl's fantasy outfit. At 35... how scandalous!

This was me today:


This evening, I went to visit dear Nancy. I would really like to post a picture of her that I took this past May... but I think I better respect her privacy. Suffice it to say, she's a beautiful woman. 

It was a beautiful visit. We watched this!

All while knitting and crocheting. 

We laughed and sighed and gasped and laughed. 

I am in awe of Nancy. She is a splendid person. I am so happy she is my acquaintance!  

Today, I am grateful for grand pianos, Joe, Doctor Who and River Song, and Nancy. Oh! And being able to wear sparkly shirts, red lips, and pink hair! 


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Joseph L. Puente said...

I'm grateful for you too, Eve. :-)