Monday, February 11, 2013

The Grammys

I'm watching The Grammy Awards right now.

I think this might be the best grammys I've ever watched.

I also think it's the first time I've watched the show in a few years.

Justin Timberlake said the same thing. I was thinking back to the days of Britney and Justin and the horrible state of music during that time. (Justin Timberlake, of course, being the exception.)

Now, I haven't seen American Idol in years because it got boring, but I really believe that the popularity of American Idol is the reason why music is where it's at today. (Wait wait! Hear me out!)

When Kelly Clarkson first won, there was this looming question of whether or not she was pretty enough to be a musical icon.

Tonight, she was radiant with talent singing Carole King.

Through American Idol, Americans showed the suits that ran the record companies--I say ran because the music industry is completely on its head right now--that TALENT reigns above all else. We endured shallow voices that looked great on MTV and then.... yea.

But tonight... everyone flaunted their age, their flaws, their flab, their lines, their scraggly hair--all because who gives a crap! Jack White's band was spectacular and raw!

One of my favorite bands of the year, Alabama Shakes! vibrates with energy and life. And it ain't pretty.  Fun. played in the rain for pete's sake!

For those of you still stuck in the 80s.... pick up some new music. Or better yet, listen to a radio station on Spotify and enjoy the amazing new bands out there today. The 80s were great, but listening to 80s music today is tantamount to Sarah Jessica Parker's dad enjoying the hits of the 50s in the old movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 

Now that I've completely stuck my musical nose up in the air.....

In other music news...

Today I got to sing my favorite winter hymn with two incredible vocalists--Larissa Villers and Megan Smyth. What a privilege. It was such a joy to share this music with the congregation today. I am so happy.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to make music and all the unabashed, beautiful, ugly, raw, powerful and inspiring music makers in the world today.


Miss Megan said...

Thanks again for inviting me to sing with you, Eve. You are a gorgeous musician and it was fun getting to know YOU just a little bit more!

Eve said...

We need to sing together again!