Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Beautiful Event

Imagine a place filled with beautiful green plants, sparkling lights, white orchids, and happy confident single adults smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Tonight was magical.

I did my best to organize things ahead of time to avoid stress, but of course there were complications. My dear friend Larissa's fabulous lover man Rob Ferre came with an extra mic and speaker and then used his super dj/host skills to raise the game. Everyone who sang was absolutely wonderful. Sarah Worlton ended up having to sing alone last minute and she pulled together a beautiful rendition of "Popular". I was really proud of her. Bianca West pulled together a last minute performance of "I Will Survive" that was beautiful.  Larissa Villers, Megan Smyth and Nichole Omana did a fantastic rendition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", Kristen Fox performed a perfect rendition of "Gravity", Katie Krein's "People" made me giddy, Lyn Dudley's "Moon River" was enchanting, and Kristi Chaney and Mike Bishop's "Fairytale" was jazzy and fun. Suzanne Glick was impressive on the guitar and she sang and played two original songs. Leah Jacobs and her accompanist did a fantastic cover of "Baby" and Marianne Rasmussen's piano playing and singing was incredible on the song "The Luckiest".  I could gush so much more. I won't. Just know that I love and adore everyone who performed tonight.

Alison Bowers is the head of the Sports and Rec Committee at church and she and Rob Rideout made sure that everyone had food and drink throughout the evening. And of course Rob and Robin Larkin were perfect hosts. I am so grateful that they invited us to have an event at their beautiful reception center. If you are looking for a place, Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah is absolutely beautiful. 

I should have taken pictures of everything tonight, but I didn't. Sorry.

But Rob Larkin gave me a beautiful floral arrangement at the end of the night. I giggled with absolute glee when he offered it to me. It is the most amazing floral arrangement I've ever had in my home! The smell is divine!

Today I am grateful for the generosity and talents of the people I get to go to church with.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Larissa said...

A shout out! So awesome! And let's talk about how awesome YOU did! Knock it outta the park, Sista!

Rob Ferre said...

Thanks Eve for a great evening. I'm a lover boy?

Eve said...

Lover Man. I chose the word man very specifically. And I cannot thank you both enough. Larissa you class up every thing you attend. And I'm so glad you sang Larissa.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry i missed it! was totally planning on coming but my car broke down :( I heard great things!